Mardon PCs/Wheels/Pedals/Rigs 

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MARDON is a Technology company at its core. Providing Cyber Security and Information Technology services to private business, not-for-profit, and government. On the other side of the same coin we are racers and see an incredible opportunity to bring our passion of quality and affordability to the sim racing community.

Not only does MARDON build the ONLY PCs designed specifically for sim racers, we build performance PCs for all eSports, gamers, and professional content creators as well as engineers. MARDON is not stopping with PCs, MARDON currently has a sim chassis in development focused on adaptability and quality. Other products in the MARDON portfolio will include, steering wheels, quick release, Push-2-talk, digital dash, and VRS hardware (direct drive, pedals, and accessories). MARDON will also be introducing the sim racing community to Meetion a company building outstanding Keyboards, Mice, Headsets, Microphones, and other accessories. All MARDON PCs will ship with a Meetion Keyboard and mouse starting in January 2023.

MARDON's goal is to be the focal point of sim racing in the United States by taking an all source approach. From our computers to our sim racing components MARDON will source the very best quality raw components from across the globe and manufacture the final products here in the USA. The only way to accomplish this is to build a thriving community with feedback from our racers, customers, and fans. So join MARDON or our partners and experience "Precision Built Performance".