EPI Kern County Showdown


The 2023 EPI Kern County Showdown will take place September 7th 2023. This is an OPEN SETUP event. EPI will post setups for sale on our website for each event.

Dirt Legends: Dirt Mini Oval

Asphalt Super Late Models: Asphalt Oval

All races will be broadcast live on the PitStop TV Facebook page



These timelines will be dependent on the length of the race prior. The session open times are all accurate, but practice may last longer than 10 mins depending on where we’re at in the current feature. Please be patient, and show up during your session opening time.



Thursday (Broadcasted)

7:50 PM EST: Dirt Legend practice opens (10 mins) starts at 0% usage, carries over

8:00 PM EST: Dirt Legend Q (25 advance)

8:05 PM EST: Dirt Legend Feature | 35 laps

8:35 PM EST: Super Late Model practice opens

8:45 PM EST: Super Late Model Q (25 advance)

8:50 PM EST: Asphalt Super Feature | 100 laps

Finalized Payouts

(23 cars)
1st: $125
2nd: $40
3rd: $25

Dirt Legends
(17 cars)
1st: $80
2nd: $20
3rd: $10

All invites have been sent out


Sessions will be set to 1300 on 9-7-2023 (1 PM). Dynamic sky will be on, track state for asphalt races will be generated, track state for dirt will be 0%, or a “clean track.” Marbles will carry over from qualifying for asphalt, track state will carry over from practice and qualifying for dirt.

Standard iRacing 5 minute, 2 lap qualifying. Qualifying conduct will be set to max/severe scrutiny, and we can not do anything for black flags received during Qualifying.

Due to broadcast time restraints, there will be no heats or last chance qualifiers. Track state will carry over from qualifying.

Every single race will have 0 additional tires, 0 fast repairs, and you will be disqualified upon receiving 16 incident points.

Cautions will be on via iRacing. Caution laps WILL COUNT for features but we will expedite 2 to green as soon as penalties are distributed. Caution laps for heat races will not count.

There are 3 GWC’s per event.


The initial start of each race will begin when the green flag is waved. The rest of the restarts will be  on the leader, AFTER the pace car has made its turn towards pit road. The leader does not have lane choice, he must line up on the bottom. Leader must maintain no more than 5 car lengths distance from the pace car. 

ALL DIRT RESTARTS will be double file until inside 10 to go, then we will resort to single file. ALL ASPHALT RESTARTS will be double file.

You may not advance your position prior to the S/F line by hanging back. You must maintain a car lengths distance between yourself and the car in front of you.

ANY cars involved in the reason for the yellow will receive an EOL, unless someone claims the caution. If the caution is claimed, only that driver will lose his position. This means if you get dumped, you both will be sent to the rear, if you dump someone, you’ll both be sent to the rear. Self spin, you’ll be sent to the rear. STAY OFF OF EACH OTHER! 

Last lap contact will be reviewed and discussed amongst the race admin team. No results are final until official word has come from the EPI social media pages. 

Lucky dogs and wave arounds will be turned on via iRacing. 

Black flags will not be cleared, unless iRacing gives you one for any random reason. Speeding on pit road or passing someone prior to the green is not a valid excuse.

Race chat will only be used if there is an issue with a black flag, or you claim an incident. Your mic may be muted for the duration of the event if it is abused.

ALL SESSIONS WILL BE LEAGUE SESSIONS. PLEASE ACCEPT THE INVITE SENT OUT TO YOU NO LATER THAN 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. The league name is “EPI Special Events,” and we can not help anyone who doesn’t accept the invite/fails to join in time/provides the wrong iRacing name. 

Any driver who joins a server they are not registered for will forfeit their entry, and receive an automatic perma-ban from all future EPI Special Events. 

The goal of this event is to provide fun, clean racing during iRacing’s off week. Regardless of shop, or teams, let’s have fun and put on a good clean show. 

Entry list (will be updated nightly):

• Dirt Legends:

1.) Josh Caudle #13

2.) Barrick Uphold #92

3.) Joel Smith #25

4.) Curtis Sutton #26

5.) James Watson #39

6.) Shawn Hayes #1

7.) Jake Silvia #78

8.) Stephen Denmark #8

9.) Bailey Dutton

10.) Chase Robertson #31

11.) AJ Williamson #2

12.) Kyle Myer #88

13.) Shawn English #960

14.) Matthew Boniface #95

15.) Kaleb Hall #14

16.) Hudson Canipe #2*


• Asphalt Super Late Models:

1.) Josh Caudle #13

2.) Tanner Berge #35

3.) Justin Bullock #81

4.) Joel Smith #24

5.) Curtis Sutton #26

6.) Jacob Wilson #51

7.) Shawn Hayes #1

8.) Jake Silvia #78

9.) Stephen Denmark #8

10.) Kaleb Hall #14

11.) Bailey Dutton

12.) Chase Robertson #31

13.) Josh Parrish #55

14.) Kyle Myer #88

15.) Christopher Pelow #15

16.) Shawn English #960

17.) Matthew Boniface #95

18.) Parker Traves #60

19.) Cameron Billings #4

20.) Phillip York2 #97

21.) Hudson Canipe #2*

22.) Blake Throneburg #22*

23.) Elliott Carlson #09*